We are an online curated car auction site founded on passion and developed with logic.  Second Daily is a family run business, established after many years of personally enjoying “second dailys” and realizing the need for a better platform that could provide a boutique online car auction experience…a trusted place where each vehicle is hand-picked, each ad is personally crafted and each car featured is something we would love to have in our garage rotation.

COVID-19 STATEMENT: We live in very interesting times, where physically laying hands on a car aren’t as simple as it used to be. Thankfully we established Second Daily years ago with hands-off classic car buying already in mind. We will do everything we can to make online buying a pleasurable experience for you. We can’t think of a better way to spend your time together with your family, or your dog, or yourself, than fulfilling that life-long dream of owning that special something. So don’t wait, and don’t quarantine your thirst™ for the classics.

About Us

Stephen Jones


His love of cars began at an early age with matchbox cars, posters of exotics on the bedroom wall, and movies like King of the Mountain, Cannonball Run and anything James Bond.  At age 11, he was learning to drive manuals in a ’78 CJ-5 on the backroads of rural South Carolina.  Over the many years of personally buying and selling vintage enthusiast cars, Stephen has been entrenched in the online car enthusiast community. With a PhD and a long career in statistics, he pairs his passion with an analytical and systematic approach to car buying.  Having personally experienced the pros and cons of online car buying, he founded Second Daily to provide a better answer to how it’s done now…a way that he, as both enthusiast and consumer, would want it.

What’s my daily?  Currently a 996 turbo x50, a ’94 Range Rover Classic and a ’97 NAS Defender 90.  First, second, and third daily…in no particular order.

Lindsey Jones


Lindsey brings to Second Daily a much needed creative mind, as well as the operational commitment to managing each car auction with a great attention to detail.  Driving cross-country in the back of an 84’ Mercedes 300D and across town in a Healey 3000, she developed at a young age an appreciation for exquisite details and automotive engineering.  She appreciates the unique history and stories each of these vintage cars have to tell.  Although a kid toting, baseball equipment carrying driver by day makes sense, it’s packing up the Classic with fishing poles and camping gear that really brings her personal joy in driving fun daily!

What’s my daily?  When not on kid duty in the 8-seater Sequoia, it’s a 2005 L322 Range Rover (I really love the Christmas tree of lights that are usually lit up on the dash) or we fight over the Classic.  Currently I’m shopping for a 300TD to relive my childhood but with added trunk space.

Together, our focus is to present vehicles that go by many names…niche, classic, collectible, vintage, modern classic, enthusiast’s… The general public may like the thought of owning an old classic, but reality sets in when they go shopping.  Even for us enthusiasts it can be overwhelming…where to start, signing up for all the online classifieds, joining multiple forums to search ads, digging for tribal knowledge of what to buy or avoid.  Most just give up before even starting.

That’s our goal here…to centralize all that niche forum chaos into one community-based place for would-be shoppers and long-time experts. But we’re not just selling cars here…we want to bring back that feeling you had when you were 16…getting your license for the first time and back when driving was fun.  Guess what, it still is fun…you just might not be in the right car. Life’s too short to spend all your money on just one new’ish normal boring car…so please register to become a member and Drive Fun Daily. 

Welcome to the family.


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