Today is a Second Daily first. Sort of. We’ll explain that in a minute, but today’s feature is from a special guest writer…Paul Donohue, lead contact and organizer of the Leadville Land Rover Rally in Colorado. Paul is also the Treasurer & Rally Registrar from the Solihull Society Land Rover Club in Denver, Colorado. He recently responded to one of our call outs for Leadville Rally information. We say this is a first, sort of, because there is one other Second Daily post out there that had a special guest writer for large parts of it, but because of her standing within the national government we have to keep her name anonymous. Clandestine’y right?

We also have a very special guest photographer for many of the images you see today. Jennifer McNeel, Rover lover and Rally participant, took some of the most amazing shots which inspired us to do this piece to begin with. Unless we state otherwise, all pictures in this feature are the copyright of Mrs. McNeel. So a big BIG thank you to Paul and Jennifer for today’s post. The distance from SD HQ and Leadville is most likely prohibitive, but we would love to attend next year’s event.

One last thing…let’s make this featured article the most comprehensive Leadville summary out there. If you were there this year, or have been there in the past and would like to share a quick thought or two, and a picture or two…please send them to us via EMAIL and we will add them right here.


At 10,152 feet, Leadville, CO is the highest incorporated city in the US.  Founded between 1860 and 1877, the mountains around Leadville have yielded gold (placer and lode), silver, tin, lead, zinc and more. Leadville is located on nearby Fremont Pass, a 11,318-foot mountain pass that forms the continental divide on the border between Lake County and Summit County. And coincidentally, Land Rover made a special run of 500 units known as the “Great Divide Edition” Range Rovers to commemorate the running of the divide.

For this year’s rally, they used the facilities of Colorado Mountain College for registration center and morning line-up.  Since classes were in not in session during the summer vacation, they had the campus to themselves. The traditional members reception was held in the National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum.  Members had the opportunity to wander through the exhibits and see examples of mining practices and equipment from early to modern.  Their collection of mineral specimens is outstanding.

The vendor day and BBQ was on the grounds of the Leadville Fish Hatchery, an 1890 Victorian style building located a couple of miles Southwest of town. The guest speaker at the awards banquet on Friday, Judge Neal Reynolds, a local historian and fifth generation Leadville resident, gave an entertaining and informative talk about the history of Leadville, it’s mines and some of the characters who called Leadville home.  One you will have heard about is Molly Brown who survived the sinking of the Titanic.

Paul closes with, “Leadville has always been one of my favorite locations for back country exploration.  There are so many really bad roads and a few good ones leading to old abandoned mines and mills.  Some of the trails once served as roadbeds for the narrow gauge and tram gauge rail lines that served the mines and mills.”


*Photo credit to Paul Donohue

Here are the attending summary statistics for the 2017 Land Rover Rally.

2017 Attendees Total Count Walk Ins No Shows   Vehicle Count Percent
People 106 8 15   Defender 110 4 7%
Drivers 58 5 9   Defenders  11  
Passengers 48 3 6   Discovery I 9 16%
PV Ratio 1.83       Discovery II 11 19%
          Discovery II G4 1 2%
          21 Discoveries    
State or Country Vehicles Percent     LR3 7 12%
Colorado 25 43%     LR4 2 3%
California 5 9%     Range Rover 6 10%
Minnesota 4 7%     Series  IIa & III 4 7%
Arizona 3 5%     Parentie 6×6 1 2%
Kansas 3 5%     N/A 6 10%
Texas 3 5%     Total: 58  
Virginia 3 5%          
Alabama 2 3%          
Illinois 2 3%          
Missouri 2 3%          
UK 2 3%          
Montana 1 2%          
North Carolina 1 2%          
Ohio 1 2%          
Washington 1 2%          
Total: 58            

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