We’re back! We have been on a little blog story vacation the last week as we prepared for our big auction debut. So far we are off to a great start, we have our first auction closing tomorrow on the Defender 90 in Texas. The Audi RS4 closes this week as well…it is unbelievable how much car you can buy for relatively little money. The RS 4 is effectively a Lamborghini wrapped in sedan clothing. And we were very happy to have Elliot Cuker of Cooper Classics in Greenwich Village provide several cars for auction from his incredible collection. Mr. Cuker is a legend in the collector car market, and over the last 40 years, has bought and sold some of the finest examples in the world. So please spread the word to anyone you know…we’re hoping for a big launch and know it takes readers like you to make it happen.

So speaking of some of the finest automobiles in the world…Second Daily recently attended the 2nd annual Atlanta Concours d’Elegance at the lovely Chateau Elan in Brasleton, Georgia. Dr. Don Panoz, prior owner and financier of the complex, has his cars showcased throughout the grounds. We were welcomed with VIP parking which always helps set the mood. With that included special door-ding free parking with off-duty policeman standing guard. Really, it did. I wish they would travel to all the airports I have to park at…my doors wouldn’t look like they’ve been used for BB-gun practice.

You arrive at the golf course and once inside, are greeted by very friendly Georgians (the state, not the country) and some the most magnificent of childhood dream cars scattered throughout the 18th hole. Although Dr. Panoz sold the property and Road Atlanta with it a few years ago to IMSA, his presence is still very much a part of the event. Showcasing his new Avezzano and Esperante along side the race ready GTR-1, it is easy to see the ostentatious personalities come out in his car creations as well.


The first thing to catch my eye was a bronze 300D without a single hint of wear. That is of course a recurring theme throughout any concours show except this one. The exception here at the Atlanta show is the “Driver’s Exhibition” on Saturday. The grounds are covered with some of the most desirable of all cars with the added bonus that most of them were actually driven to the show.  And if they weren’t actually driven to the show, they are considered ‘drivers’  to their owners. Case in point, a 1990 Ferrari Testarossa with 55k miles, carefully parked aside a 30-year owned ’62 250 GT.

All the big hitters were present…Ferrari F40 and F-cars of all ages, first gen M5’s, Ford GT, Sunbeam Tigers, Porsche new and old, and my personal favorite and #1 (or #2) ultimate dream car…a 1971 Lamborghini Miura and all 12 cylinders to back it up. The owner, which I shall not reveal here, was as interesting as the car he drove. Born in Switzerland, living in the U.S., working on a very large nautical machinery for a living, and driving one of the most sought-after well respected cars of all times…it took all I had not to ask him if I could take it for a drive. I did get up close and personal with it and unfortunately, it only makes me want one more.

Perhaps something never covered in stories like this, is how the show doesn’t start once you step inside, nor does it stop once you leave. The parking lots at shows like this are almost as exciting as the show itself. Triumphs, R8’s, 355’s, Speedsters, Aventadors…they’re all there, dotting the lots in between a Ford F150 or Chevy Tahoe. Resting with sunshields to protect the dash, awaiting their owners faithful return. And about those ‘drivers’ mentioned earlier…leaving the show we saw a sampling of ‘restored drivers’ sitting in the emergency lanes along the roadside waiting for medical attention…a scene like you might expect to see after a marathon for the aging crowds.  We can run the race, just don’t expect much out of us afterwards.

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