Now Accepting Auction Submissions – No Seller Fees

Auctions are online and run 24/7 just like eBay. You, the seller, hold onto your car until it sells and you are paid the full sale amount of the auction.  We charge a small 5% buyer’s premium to the winning bidder (most auction houses charge 10-18%). Our job is to provide the online auction platform for buyers and sellers to come together, we personally write the auction ad, and we promote your vehicle through all of our channels. We can also assist with the payment process and shipping if needed.

Auctions start October 1

We have received several auction submissions and a few are set to go live October 1. First up will be a low mileage NAS Defender 90 soft top located in Texas. We also have a 1984 Volvo 240GL that was previously owned by the Nike corporation, possibly a 911 turbo, Dinan S3 E39 M5, and a few more. So if you haven’t already registered, please do that now to bid. We have partnered with the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer, a SEMA Cares organization, and a large portion of our proceeds will go them.

We need more submissions

In fact we’ll always need more submissions. To provide incentive to the readers, we are offering a $100 referral bonus to anyone bringing a successful bidder at close of auction*.  No limit on the number of referrals you can collect. We also need sellers, so please spread the word…we are looking for high quality vintage / classic / modern classic / enthusiast vehicles.

*Auction must successfully close with reserve price met (if one is set).  Winning bidder simply needs to mention your name and username in an email to us.

If you haven’t already registered, you may do so here.  To submit your vehicle for auction consideration, you may do so here.

submit for auction

How It Works

We built Second Daily to address many of the challenges people face in web-based car shopping…our goal here is to provide the best online auction experience possible.  With that, here’s how we are unique in the market:

  • We are a boutique curated auction house, we take a very highly personal approach to buying and selling online.
  • We pay a $100 referral bonus to anyone bringing a successful bidder to close the auction.
  • There are NO SELLER FEES. Period.
  • We offer a Buying Assistance Program to help with the transaction between buyer and seller.
  • Our unique Overtime Offering helps sellers close the deal if they didn’t quite hit the reserve price they set.
  • Giving Back: A large portion of our proceeds go to benefit featured charitable organizations

For Sellers:


  • Register an account with us and submit your vehicle for auction consideration (brief vehicle info and 7 – 10 high-res pictures)
  • We review each submission and get back to you with a decision typically within 48 hours
  • If accepted, you submit final vehicle information, final photos / videos and we work with you to set a reasonable market driven reserve price (if you would like to set one)

We personally craft the auction ad and allow you to review prior to posting.

  • Once the auction is posted, you can interact with the community, answer questions, etc.
  • If your vehicle does not sell, you can offer a second chance ‘overtime’ offer to the 3 highest bidders
  • To help protect you, we can assist with the actual transaction from the buyer through our Buying Assistance Program

For Buyers:

  • Register an account with us to bid on any vehicle listed
  • You may choose the style of bidding you prefer, either a Direct (exact) bid or Dynamic (proxy) bid.
  • Bid and interact with the seller and community within the auction pages
  • At initial bid, your credit card is pre-authorized $350 as a good-faith hold
  • If you win the auction, you are charged a buyer’s premium in the amount of 5% of the final bid amount (minimum charge is $350). Typical auction houses charge between 10-18%.
  • If you do not win the auction, your card is not charged anything.
  • To help protect you, we can assist with the actual payment to the Seller through our Buying Assistance Program
  • If needed, we can offer pre-purchase inspection recommendations and shipping assistance as well

No hidden fees, secure bidding, no risk. 

It’s as simple as that.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Ready to sell? Let’s see what you have!

submit for auction


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