The Making of Unobtanium Parts and a Classic Car Lover

One of the greatest joys in owning an old(er) classic car is working on it yourself. One of the greatest pains in the rear in owning an old(er) classic car is working on it yourself. Being a mathematician, I thought it best to summarize, in a formula, the level of angst one might encounter when […]

How to restore a car without restoring it…It’s Only Original Once

Admittedly, says Derrick Bundy the owner of M and B Detailing and seller of the following vintage 7-series BMW, the company name doesn’t give their complete line of work justice. And in fact, it severely undercuts what they can and actually do. Detailing is professionally cleaning a car, inside and out. Some are better than others […]

Atlanta Concours d’Elegance – A non-news news update

We’re back! We have been on a little blog story vacation the last week as we prepared for our big auction debut. So far we are off to a great start, we have our first auction closing tomorrow on the Defender 90 in Texas. The Audi RS4 closes this week as well…it is unbelievable how […]

Featured Auctions and Blog Posts

If you’re a regular reader, you may be wondering if we’re still featuring great cars and adding blog posts. The short answer is yes, the longer answer is…we’re focusing most of our current efforts on the auctions as we get launched. You should however notice that within our auctions we are still covering the model […]

Wine, Art and Vintage Cars – The Trifecta of Greatness

If you’ve ever driven the I-85 corridor between Greenville, SC and Atlanta, GA, you’ve surely noticed the rather large French inspired castle sitting atop a 4,000 ac. winery.  It’s the sort of place you imagine is common along the A61 as you meander through Bordeaux on your way to Marseille in southern France. You imagine […]

Air-cooled Porsches, Coats for Underprivileged Children and an Austrian Millionaire?

Event takes place this coming weekend, October 1 Air-cooled Porsches, coats for underprivileged children and an Austrian millionaire…other than what could be the setup for a really bad joke, what do all of these things possibly have in common? They’re all coming together October 1st for the inaugural Driven to America charity event on Long […]

Audi RS 6 – Audi of North America’s One-hit Wonder

Growing up in the 80’s had many perks…it was this sort of hybrid time-period between the raucous simplicity of the 70’s mixed with the blossoming digital frontier-age of the 80’s that seemed to permeate through every part of our lives. Sitcoms made a comeback, game shows ruled supreme, MTV, John Hughes films and of course […]