International Scout – Rides like a tractor should

Most car nuts could likely tell you one of the first cars that caught their eye when they were just a wee little lad.  For me, it was my neighbor’s 1969 primer grey SS Camaro sans hood.  It was the lack of an engine cover that mostly stood out…surely that can’t be good when it […]

The Volvo 240 – A Cult and Personality

We had originally planned to bring you some interesting facts on one of the rarest Volvo estate wagons to have ever been made…the ’95 T-5R 855 sportwagon.  But then we remembered an old Jalopnik story of the uber rare Volvo 243, a sort of 3-door hybrid that was a cross between the 2-door 242 and […]

What’s the best selling car in America? That’s right, a truck.

As we celebrate independence in America, we at Second Daily will be celebrating both our revered freedoms as well as the best selling car in America…which, is actually a truck…the Ford F-series truck to be exact.  Last year, approximately 17.5M vehicles were sold in the US…over 820,000 of those were Ford F-Series trucks.  Let us […]

Lotus Esprit – Doesn’t it blow your mind…this is only four cylinders!

Typical evolution in sports car development is a race to tout the best horsepower and 0-60 numbers. By 1976 Porsche was already pushing 155mph and 245hp in their first gen 930 turbo.  Ferrari wasn’t necessarily producing the big HP numbers in the 308 comparatively speaking, but they had the V8 exhaust note to make up […]

The Summer of ’65 – Retro Festival de la Cote d’Opale

What’s better than driving a 1965 convertible Volkswagen Beetle through the remote countrysides of northern France?  Doing it in 1965.  Unfortunately Dr. Emmett Brown has yet to perfect the DeLorean time machine, so the next best thing? The Retro Festival de la Cote d’Opale (Retro Festival of the Opal Coast for us Americans).   For […]

BMW 2002 – The Secret Sports Car

“As a $3500-sedan, the BMW 2002 isn’t looking too tall. For all of the things that you seek in a sedan—comfort, room and general convenience of operation—you could do better, for less money, with a Peugeot 504 or a Saab 99 or any number of American intermediates like an Olds Cutlass or a Chevelle.” Whoa, […]

Land Cruiser FJ60 Series – the Energizer bunny of SUVs

We’d like to challenge our worldly Second Daily reader community today…get your cameras out for the next week or so and send us pictures of every Toyota Land Cruiser you see.  We imagine (if our readership was vast enough) that we’d hear from the remote community of Kiwirrkurra Australia, to the backroads of rural South Carolina […]

Jensen Interceptor – buy, buy, buy

Earlier this week, we brought you the Volvo P1800 which began production at the British Kelvin Factory owned by Jensen Motors.  Jensen had room to give during that time as they were still about 6 years away from building the 2+2 coupe that would eventually secure their place in GT coupe collectible history. Plush leather […]

Toyota 2000GT – Domo Arigato Mr. Nissan

We need to deviate just a bit from our normal, rather relatively tangible collectibles we’ve featured thus far, and take you to a place that only the 0.01% could ever really go. It’s not what we’re about here at Second Daily, at all…and so we hope you understand our cause for pause as we bring […]

34th annual Hemmings Motor News Great Race is Underway!

In case you missed it, the 34th installment of the Great Race kicked off this past Saturday (June 24), and this year’s starting point?  Jacksonville, FL…the fourth time the city has seen the race in its 34 year tenure.  The Great Race is an antique, vintage, and collector car competitive controlled-speed endurance road rally on public […]