Buying Assistance Program

To help protect both Buyers and Sellers, we offer an opt-in no-cost service that can assist with the actual transaction through our Buying Assistance Program.  Every time you place a bid, you have the opportunity to opt into the program simply by checking a box on the Bid Confirmation pop-up window.

Here’s how it works if the Buyer chooses to use the program:

  • Auction closes and Second Daily sends a photocopy/image of the title and Seller’s ID to the Buyer
  • Buyer wires total winning bid amount within 72 hours to Second Daily to hold in a secure business account (verifiable if needed)
  • Once payment is confirmed, Second Daily informs Seller we have received payment
  • Seller sends signed title (filled out with Buyer information), a signed bill of sale (if applicable) and a spare key (if available) directly to Buyer with signature confirmation and tracking number (must send with 2-3 day service). Seller MUST send the tracking number to Second Daily via email.
  • Once Second Daily confirms the Buyer has received the packet via the provided tracking number, the Buyer has 24 hours to inform Second Daily via email that the packet was received. If the Buyer does not communicate with Second Daily within 24 hours of receiving the packet, Second Daily releases funds to the Seller.
  • Buyer and Seller work out shipping / car pickup arrangements collectively

That’s it.  If the Buyer does not use the service, then you simply work out the transaction as normal without our assistance.  We are here only to help if needed.


We understand that not everyone has disposable income to spend on second, third, or fourth daily drivers. Many banks will not offer lending services due to the age of the vehicle. If you would like to finance your Second Daily purchase, please reach out to Woodside Credit for lending services and to receive a quote.

Woodside Credit – Collector Car Financing


Disclaimer: The Buying Assistance program is voluntary and is a courtesy to the Buyer and Seller and is not serving as a legal procedure or legal arbiter between those parties.  Second Daily is not a brokering agency, and funds are withheld from Seller only until we receive confirmation the supposed title-containing packet was delivered to the Buyer or 24 hours has elapsed since packet was delivered.  Second Daily can not withhold funds until the Buyer has received the vehicle and/or registered it. Funds are securely held within our business banking account. Beyond our guarantee of distributing funds to the Seller as outlined here, we can not, do not and will not guarantee anything associated with this program, including but not limited to proper contents and signage of title and bill of sale (if applicable) sent from the Seller, condition of contents sent from the Seller, condition of the vehicle or timeliness of transactions. We have no liability of the contents of title packet or vehicle, before, during, or after purchase. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more detail. 

Disclaimer: We are are not a lending service nor contracting directly with Woodside. We only offer this service here as guidance to one option. You may choose other lending agencies for help. We receive no compensation from Woodside.