Regular readers will know this, but Second Daily recently partnered with the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer. Their mission is to “erase the effects of pediatric cancer and optimize each child’s quality of life through essential specialized intervention beginning at the time of diagnoses and continuing throughout survivorship.” I never really understood the depth of that mission until a recent trip to Austin Hatcher Headquarters. It’s more than simply providing counseling to children with cancer.  They counsel and help rehabilitate the entire family, through it all, at no cost to the family.

Having a child with cancer is devastating, and sadly it goes beyond just that child. Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, everyone around that child is impacted. Austin Hatcher recognizes this, and the comprehensive services they provide include problem-solving skills training, individual and group counseling, marital and family counseling, speech/language, occupational and physical therapy, and more. Services are provided from diagnosis through treatment, during remission, and into adulthood. It truly is an amazing thing they are doing and we’re glad to be a small part of it.

If that isn’t cool enough, wait until you meet Co-Founder Jim Osborn. Surgeon, farmer, and dad of four (the foundation was started after they sadly lost their son Austin Hatcher to cancer). Did we mention he’s also an ex-race car driver. Not in the academic sense of street racing an M3 up I-75, nor in the ‘Friday night amateur dirt track’ sense either (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I mean, in the actual real ex-race car driver professional sense…setting records in Ferrari’s, BMW’s, and even bio-diesel Jettas. His wife and second part of the Co-Founder part, Amy Jo, is way more attractive than him, runs the Foundation and knows a thing or two about race cars herself. Oh, and she’s a professional photographer and full-time mom.

So it makes sense to hold one of Austin Hatcher’s premier annual fundraising events at the Coker Tire Museum in Chattanooga, TN.  Last night we had the pleasure of attending the “Celebration of Life and Hope” fundraiser. If you’ve never been, you really need to put it on your bucket list.  And I mean Chattanooga AND the Coker Museum…two must see places before you die.

For the first time in 10 years, the venue was entirely donated thanks to the generosity of Mr. Corky Coker. We’ll cover Coker and his story in an upcoming post. Today, we simply wanted to share with you the great things going on here at Second Daily, and the incredible things that foundations like Austin Hatcher accomplish. To find out more about the Austin Hatcher Foundation, visit their website at

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