1980 Nissan Patrol RHD


  • Location: California
  • Year: 1980
  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: Patrol G61 (RHD)
  • Mileage: 65000km (40k miles) showing on odo. as of 9/11/17
  • Engine: inline 6-cyl
  • Transmission: 3sp MT (original)
  • Drivetrain: 4WD
  • Ext. Color: Blue
  • Int. Color: Black


Toyota, Jeep and Land Rover usually get all the four-wheel drive hype, and we often forget about the other Japanese automaker when it comes to this category.  To compete in this market, Nissan first produced the Patrol, a 4WD off-road utilitarian vehicle, in 1951 and it is still in production today.  I probably don’t need to tell you it’s not available in the States, at least not by that name.  The newest Patrols (6th generation) morphed into a Nissan Armada or Infiniti QX56 in some luxury market segments.

But today’s feature is no luxury SUV.  This is a 1980 second gen Patrol, recently imported from Japan.  In the States, we only saw these imported from 1962 – 1969. The Australian and Colombian market are flush with them however.  In the U.S., Patrols were sold through Datsun dealerships but badged as Nissans, making it the only Nissan-badged vehicle sold in the States until the early 80s when the “Datsun” moniker was phased out.

These second generation Patrols were dubbed the G60, and immediately they made their mark in 4WD-pioneering.  The G60 became the first vehicle to cross the Simpson desert, a large (4th largest to be exact) desert in Australia…driven by none other than Reg Sprigg, the famous geologist, himself.  The G60 didn’t change much throughout the classic second gen, with the only upgrades of note being power-assisted front drum brakes and a third windscreen wiper.  Why not just make 2 larger?  Not sure, but there’s a Spinal Tap joke in there somewhere. In reality, the wide-shallow window dictated that, plus triple wipers mounted above the glass just looks cool.

I’m guessing Reg’s rig wasn’t as nice as this one though.  In fact, this is technically a G61.  It’s a one year and last year run (1980) of the second gen “classic” Patrol. And this one is a very early G61…the VIN plate suggests it’s #333 out of approximately 7,000 made.  The first 500 or so were made with the prior G60 3-speed.  The later G61 Patrols have the engine, transmission and t-case and axles from 160-series Patrols (third gen), including a full synchro four-speed manual gearbox, improved engine and better seating.  So this means you source parts from a 160-series from Australia or Colombia mostly…and this means you can make modifications like upgrade to a 5 speed gearbox, install power steering, front disc brakes, re-gear the axles and install lockers in the differentials.

These were all soft-tops, though there were some hard-tops special made for them out of Colombia. This one appears to be in mostly original condition, save what appears to be a paint respray, the aftermarket wheels, radio and seats most notably.  All 3 wipers are intact, an aftermarket tachometer has been added, as well as an R134 air-conditioning system.  Some small rust areas are showing on the bottoms of panels but no rot is visible, the bulkhead appears solid as do the floor pans.  As always, inspect in person if you can.

The following services were recently performed:

  • New spark plugs, battery, air filter, muffler, radiator hoses
  • New soft top & side clear window
  • Rebuilt carburetor, radiator and voltage regulator
  • Rebuilt a/c compressor
  • New steering damper and shift boots
  • New rear bench seats

This truck was recently imported and still awaiting ‘title only’ status in California.   It does come with all of the importation documents.  This one should clear as long as no modifications have been made from original on the drivetrain, brakes or frame and the importer states this is the case.  We will keep you posted as soon as we hear from the importer that the titling has been processed. If you would like to purchase now with the importation documents, please contact us and we can acquaint you with the owner.

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