We are a boutique online curated auction house focused on featuring all the cool / classic / collectible / enthusiast / niche cars that we’d love to have parked in our own garage rotation. We list the cars that you submit and help you sell by providing the online auction platform, personally writing the ad for you, and pushing your ad out through all our channels and networks. Auctions run 24/7 online and the best part…there’s no risk at all because it’s free to list with us and you can set a reserve price.

A portion of all our proceeds benefit selected charities, local and world-wide. As a buyer and/or seller, you have a voice where you would like to see your representative funds go…just tell us, we are happy to accommodate those requests.

For more information on who we are as people, see our ABOUT US page.

For Buyers

  • Register an account with us to bid on any vehicle listed and place a credit card on file in the My Account section of your profile (for bidding). On your initial bid, your credit card is pre-authorized $350 as a good-faith hold.
  • If you win the auction, you are responsible to pay the seller directly the amount you bid within 7 days. You are charged a small buyer’s fee in the amount of 5% of the final bid amount (minimum charge is $350) (this fee is in addition to the final bid cost of the actual vehicle and is paid to Second Daily from your credit card you have on file). Most auction houses charge 10%-18%. 
  • Most of our auctions have a Reserve Price set. This is the minimum amount a seller is willing to accept.
  • If you do not win the auction, your card is not charged anything.
  • We can assist with the actual payment to the Seller through our voluntary Buying Assistance Program.
  • If needed, we can offer shipping assistance and a $200 pre-purchase inspection reimbursement if you go on to purchase the vehicle.
  • Please note we implement an anti-sniping feature in our auctions, which extends the auction time by 1 minute if a bid is placed in the last minute of an auction.

What does the 5% get you? We work directly with the sellers to negotiate a low market-competitive reserve price. You get our compilation and expert critique of the vehicle, both through pictures and our direct contact with the seller. You get our assistance in arranging for an on-site visit or ordered inspection. Depending on the vehicle, we may cover the inspection costs up to $200. You get our Assistance program, which allows you to pay us rather than an unknown seller, we hold that in ‘escrow’ until you receive the title. You get our customer service response and we can help arrange for shipping. If you’ve ever tried to buy a car remotely, you understand the value of what we bring.

Please reviews our Terms of Service if you have questions.

For Sellers

  • Register an account with us and submit your vehicle for auction consideration.
  • We review each submission and get back to you with a decision typically within 48 hours.
  • If accepted, you submit a second/final round of vehicle information.
  • We personally craft the auction ad and allow you to review prior to posting.
  • If your vehicle does not sell, you can offer a second chance ‘overtime’ offer to the 3 highest bidders.
  • We ask for proof of the title; Dealers and private party sales are welcomed.
  • The only thing we ask is that your vehicle is not for sale anywhere else during the auction and you cannot cancel the auction once it starts.


Auction theory is big. We offer two styles of bidding (direct/exact OR dynamic/proxy) for whichever you prefer. The default is PROXY, so if you want to place a Direct/Exact bid, simply check the box under the bid box window on the auction. It is labeled “CHECK HERE TO MAKE THIS AN EXACT BID”

Direct / Exact Bidding

This bidding style is quite simple. The bid directly advances to the exact amount you input. Exact bidding is like Barrett-Jackson auctions…if you bid $35,000 the bid immediately jumps to $35,000.

Dynamic / Proxy Bidding

This bidding style (like seen on eBay) may be a little more complex in theory compared to a traditional ‘exact’ bidding style (like seen at Mecum / Barrett-Jackson auctions) but is very easy for the bidder. The bid amount advances to the next highest bid, which equals the current bid amount plus the bid increment. The computer will continue to bid for you (i.e. serve as your proxy) up to your maximum bid amount. This is the type of bidding you would encounter at eBay Motors. In the example, you will notice there is no difference between the bidding styles if the current price is below the Reserve.

Bid Referrals

We recognize that success comes with numbers.  For that, we offer a $100 referral fee to anyone who brings a successful buyer to close out the auction.  The winning bidder simply needs to mention your username in an email to us after the auction successfully closes.  So please spread the word about Second Daily.

No hidden fees, secure bidding, no risk.  It’s as simple as that.  If you have any questions please contact us.

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SELLERS: Ability to send a second chance offer to the top 3 bidders if your reserve is not met (RNM)

BIDDERS: If you are one of the top 3 bidders in a RNM auction, you will receive a second chance offer via email within 24 hours of auction close

If you listed a vehicle for auction with a reserve price and at auction close the reserve isn’t met, we can take the sale off-line into what we call Overtime Bidding.  Here, as the seller you will have the opportunity to send a second chance offer, a price that is at or below your reserve, to the top 3 bidders in an attempt to close the deal. It’s a simple process that we have developed that is executed within 24 hours of auction closing if the reserve is not met.

Ready to bid?  Login and search our auctions

Ready to sell? Let’s see what you have!