No one is perfect, and no one can claim that phrase better than me.  A couple of weeks ago, we went picture and story hunting for the then-upcoming and now already-done Toyota FJ60/62 post.  First stop, IH8MUD…the problem is we didn’t check back on that thread until today…thinking that pictures/content would come via our email.  Bad idea…turns out several of the members had posted up great shots of their 60’s, 62’s and even a few HJ’s.

Reader Submission Aloha Jen’s 1985 HJ60 (hang in there Jen, we’ll come back to the HJ in a later series)

So today we’re taking a slight detour to first say, we’re sorry about that.  Second to say, we should be more clear on how to contact us.  Our website is still currently in build mode, and in about 10 weeks or so, we should have the full site running.  There you will be able to submit your vehicle for consideration in our online curated auction for collector / enthusiast cars (more to come on that in an upcoming piece).  For now though, we simply have two ways to communicate…first, please Register if you haven’t already done so.  Once you register, you can comment on the posts just as with other threads / forums.


Reader submission Fishtown’s 1987 FJ60

Also, you can ALWAYS email us

If you haven’t already read the About Us, give it a read and you’ll see our mission here and what we’re planning.  But briefly, we are a small company, made up of car lovers who have been enthusiasts since our earliest memories.  Hobbies include buying, driving, repairing, driving some more, more repairing, and eventually selling…only to start all over again with the hunt for the next project.  They say it’s the chase that’s most thrilling and we’d all agree with that.  Our online auction will help bring buyers and sellers together in one place to bid, comment, and sell, and do it all over again.

Reader Submission Doug720’s diesel swapped 1985 FJ60

Our mission here is to highlight all the great vehicles that may or may not make great dailys, but certainly they fit in somewhere in the weekly garage rotation.  We are currently looking for photos and email commentary on the following cars:

  • Fiat Spider and X 1/9
  • Mercedes-Benz 300 (sedan or wagon)
  • Volvo 850 T-5R (wagon or sedan)
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia or GTV
  • Toyota Bandeirante
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Porsche 996tt
  • Jeep Wagoneer
  • VW Beetle
  • Anything else you might have

Please register, comment and email us!  Thirdly, here’s the rest of those great reader submissions from IH8MUD that we certainly didn’t forget…

Reader submission Helocrazed’s HJ60


Reader submssion AggiePE’s LS swapped 1983 FJ60


Reader submission hoosier2611’s daily driver FJ62


Reader submission jmlockwood’s 1988 FJ62


Reader submission bottombracket’s 1990 Freeborn Red FJ62


Reader Submission Capt. Close’s 1983 FJ60


Reader submission Farman33’s 85 Fj60 Silver Surfer Build  (cover photo credits also to Farman)


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  1. Larry H says:

    Actually, Helocrazed’s submission is an HJ60, Sir. Japanese Version of the FJ60. Rectangle headlights on the HJ60 came on later ’80 models resemble the Fj62. No big deal! I love that you posted it!

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