Today in the classic-vintage-enthusiast car news…your chance to own 1 of 1 911’s, the new Land Cruiser (or is it a Sequoia?), and Harvey flooding. Here’s a curated list of the stories making the headlines today.

911 shopping?  

Here’s your opportunity to own 1 of 1 new 2017 911 Targas in the U.S. painted in Miami Blue.  We’re not exactly sure if the “1 of 1” here is something to gloat about or be ashamed of…depends on if the car was intentionally painted that color or simply by mistake I presume. Regardless, it’s a targa 4S in Washington, DC on sale for only $175,990.  You can find it at Porsche of Arlington here.

2017 Porsche 911 Targa 4S | 1637939 | Photo 5 Full Size

Personally, I’d opt for the GT3 with centerlocks for $20k less that they’re selling…


Or the 2014 Turbo S for only $120k…(this is starting to sound like a commercial for them so we’ll stop here)


New Land Cruiser set to be revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2 weeks

That’s all we know…no pictures, no spy footage, no camouflaged wrapped Cruisers caught with long lens cameras.  We can only assume it will continue to look more and more like the Sequoia though.  Toyota did confirm the new Land Cruiser will retain the body-on-frame architecture and assured everyone the 65-year-old nameplate will continue to be capable of taking drivers where they want to go and bring them back with ease. If you know of anything, please send them our way. We also know the new Supra will be attending as well.  In the meantime, here’s an obligatory 2018 Land Cruiser photo.


Harvey takes its toll

This week, the devastating images have been pouring in from Texas as rain has been pouring down.  Our hearts and prayers and thoughts go out to all those impacted.  Here’s a US news report on some tips on how to deal with flooded cars.

A Porsche 911 and Toyota Supra are hip deep in water in this Facebook photo

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