We wanted to take just a moment to again update you all on the progress of our upcoming online curated car auctions. This week we are planning to post up our first auction submissions that we have received in preparation for our Go Live date next week . The homepage will be changed to the auctions and you will access our daily blog features from the “Daily Features” menu dropdown.  We will also have a Daily Gear store for you to get all the cool Second Daily swag like shirts, hats, mugs and artwork.  But first, we’d like to clearly restate our mission, who we are and how we’re different.

What is Second Daily the website?

We are a boutique online curated auction house focused on featuring all the cool / classic / collectible / enthusiast / niche cars that we’d love to have parked in our own garage rotation. That’s a lot of words…what all that means is:

boutique – We are focused on presenting a lower volume of higher quality vehicles.  We also take a very highly personal approach to each sale…we personally write each auction ad, which includes both a model introduction and the actual car description itself.  Read any of our “Web Finds For Sale” and you will understand our approach.

curated – We review each submission and accept the ones we think fit best with our mission of providing high quality interesting vehicles.  This helps with consistency of what is offered and how it is presented. What are we looking for?  Anything that would fall into the cool / collectible / classic / vintage / enthusiast / niche etc. category.  No need for you to discriminate…we will review all submissions and make selections based on what we think will have a good chance of success here.

online – This one should be obvious, but to be clear…the auctions will be listed right here on SecondDaily.com and will run 24/7.  You do not have to wait for an auction to come near your town, or travel to far away places.  This also means our selling platform is agnostic to geographic location.  What the heck does that mean?  It means if you’re in Australia and want to list a car in Australia, then we will market to the Australian market and you don’t need to worry about importing/exporting.  But, if you do want to export then you can…if there is a car listed in Italy that is legal for import into the U.S., we have an international shipping partner that can help.

auction house – We do not own the cars listed on this site (unless we clearly announce that we are selling a personal vehicle).  Second Daily is an auction platform for buying and selling.  Auctions work like any other auction…you bid on an item and the highest bid wins. Some auctions have a reserve price set…in this case, the highest bid wins if it meets or exceeds the reserve price.

How are we different from what is currently out there?

fees – We take a NO SELLER FEES approach. To the buyers, we charge a small premium of 5% of the final bid amount (minimum charge is $350). That’s it, no other charges, no hidden fees.  Typical auction houses charge between 10-18%. We pay $100 referral fees to anyone bringing a successful buyer to auction.

volume / quality – Remember the boutique part above? We are focused on a lower volume of higher quality cars.

buying assistance – We offer a NO COST optional Buying Assistance Program which is our way to help and protect buyers and sellers through the whole process.  It is a voluntary opt-in process where buyers can choose to use Second Daily as the middle man when paying for the vehicle rather than paying the seller directly.

bidding options –  Auction theory is big. We offer two styles of bidding (direct/exact OR dynamic/proxy) for whichever you prefer.  Exact bidding is like Barrett-Jackson auctions…if you bid $35,000 the bid immediately jumps to $35,000.  Proxy bidding is like eBay bidding…if you bid $35,000 the bid price jumps to the next highest amount based on the current bid and increment size.  The word “proxy” indicates an automatic bidding system, the computer serves as your proxy and bids for you in your absence up to the max amount you specify.

overtime offerings – If you listed a vehicle for auction with a reserve price and at auction close the reserve isn’t met, we can take the sale off-line into what we call Overtime Second Chance Offering. Here, as a seller, you will have the opportunity to send a second chance offer, a price that is at or below your reserve, to the top 3 bidders in an attempt to close the deal. It’s a simple process that we have developed that is executed within 24 hours of auction closing if the reserve is not met.

giving back – Our primary mission here is to give back to those in need. We built Second Daily as a means to generate givings far beyond we could ever do as individuals. We are partnering with the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer to directly support the SEMA Cares organization.  SEMA cares was established by the SEMA Board of Directors in 2007 and their mission is “to bring the voice and resources of the SEMA community together to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”  

We also offer Corporate Partnership Sharing…if you would like to raise money for your non-profit organization, you can use our platform to generate donations simply by leveraging your contacts in the auto industry to bring buyers and sellers to market.

Buying or selling a vehicle online is not only overwhelming but often unnerving for many. We built Second Daily to address many of the online buying challenges…our goal here is to provide the best online buying and selling experience possible. We would love to hear from you…no obligations at all…we just want to start getting the word out now!

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Now taking Auction Submissions!

submit for auction

No seller fees, secure bidding, no risk. 

It’s as simple as that. 

Here’s a sample version of the draft website as it will look when we go live…send us your submissions to be considered!

Now taking Auction Submissions!

submit for auction

No seller fees, secure bidding, no risk. 

It’s as simple as that. 

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