Domestic and International Shipping

Because of the rarity and nature of the cars we cover here, we realize that most likely you will be shipping your car from the Seller’s location. This is much easier than you think. We can help guide you through this process if needed. If you are the winning bidder for any auction and would like to discuss, just simply send us an email.

For Domestic shipping, we can connect you with a shipping company directly, and they can provide quotes given they know the origin and destination. We can also guide you through using if you prefer to tackle this on your own.  International shipping (import or export) is more involved, and we would connect you with several contacts we have in this business who can guide you.

Disclaimer: Second Daily is not an import / export business and can not legally advise for / against the laws that you might encounter, and therefore ultimately it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure all laws and regulations are met when importing or exporting automobiles.