“Our sole concern at SCC is to help a child in need,” – O. Bruton Smith, Founder of Speedway Children’s Charity

Like cars, helping children, and need something to do this fall?  Great…then we’ve found the perfect thing for you.  Speedway Children’s Charity (SCC) is a non-profit organization that provides funding for hundreds of other non-profit organizations throughout the U.S. whose missions are to help children in need. 

SCC Las Vegas 2016 Laps for Charity. Photo credits to Speedway Children’s Charity

Founded by O. Bruton Smith, this unique network design is a big contributor to their success since inception in 1982.  Their vision statement is “that every child has the same opportunities no matter what obstacle they are facing.”

SCC Sonoma 2017 Show and Shine Car Show. Photo credits to Speedway Children’s Charity

SCC goes beyond traditional fund raising and currently engages with eight different local chapters across the nation:

Atlanta, GA

Bristol, TN

Charlotte, NC


Las Vegas, NV

New Hampshire



These local chapters work with a broad range of people and organizations to identify and resolve local issues children in these respective communities face (e.g. learning disabilities, broken homes, cancer, and more).  In 2016, SCC affiliated charities distributed over $3 million in grants to more than 450 different charitable organizations across the country.  Since 1982, SCC has donated more than $49 million to fund efforts to help millions of children in need.

SCC Sonoma 2017 Show and Shine Car Show. Photo credits to Speedway Children’s Charity

This fall there is much ado about a lot throughout the chapters…with plenty of variety for people of all interests and ages.  Bristol has an upcoming night race charity event, Sonoma Grand Prix, Atlanta Speedway golf tournament, helicopter rides in New Hampshire, vehicle rides in Kentucky…and much much more.  Check out their website of events for all the details.

SCC Sonoma 2016 CSRG Charity Challenge.  Photo credits to Speedway Children’s Charity

If you know of any local charity events happening that are auto related, write to us at support@seconddaily.com or use our Contact page and we’ll feature it here.  We are always looking to help promote charitable efforts and would like to talk with you if you have a story to share.

Drive Fun and Give Back Daily

*all photo credits to Speedway Children’s Charity.  Cover photo from SCC Sonoma 2016 CSRG Charity Challenge.

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