The Volkswagen Beetle – everyone’s car

Earlier this week, we posed the question on Instagram “what was your first car?”…a ’63 Land Rover Series IIa, a Buick Regal, VW cabriolet, Ford Probe, Jeep Cherokee…no matter what it was, you loved it whether you care to admit it or not. A near twin to my first car, a 1968 VW Beetle In […]

The Summer of ’65 – Retro Festival de la Cote d’Opale

What’s better than driving a 1965 convertible Volkswagen Beetle through the remote countrysides of northern France?  Doing it in 1965.  Unfortunately Dr. Emmett Brown has yet to perfect the DeLorean time machine, so the next best thing? The Retro Festival de la Cote d’Opale (Retro Festival of the Opal Coast for us Americans).   For […]