We got it!! Thank you for submitting your vehicle for consideration with Second Daily Curated Car Auctions.

What happens now?  We personally curate each submission, selecting those we feel have the best chance of success here.  Because of this personal manual process,  it is possible that it can take a few days before you hear back on whether your vehicle was accepted…although we strive to provide you with a response within 24 hours.

Then what?  After your submission is reviewed, we will inform you of the decision via the email you provided (again, usually within 24 hours).  If selected, you will receive further notification of next steps.  This will involve more detailed information and pictures so that we (Second Daily) can prepare your written auction ad.  If you indicated you would like to set a reserve price, we will work with you to finalize the actual reserve to ensure the best chance of success for you and the buyer.  If your vehicle was not selected this time, we will let you know why not and we hope you will consider us again in the future.

Thank you and Drive Fun Daily!