The Jaguar XK140 was manufactured between 1954 and 1957 as a replacement to the XK120 (sold as a ’55 model). It was available in three body styles; the Open Two Seater (OTS), the Drop Head Coupe (DHC) and the Fixed Head Coupe (FHC). In addition to this, there was a more comprehensive options list compared to the XK120. The Special Equipment (SE) option remained with the added option of the ‘C-type’ head pushing the cars power output up to a claimed 210bhp.

This one we found listed for sale in Boston, and is said to have all its original body panels, with no rust and a reported less than 50k miles from new. Owner reports a prior paint strip and restoration. Before you get too excited though, this one is a non-runner without engine, but the owner states they can include a running and driving engine from a separate XK for an extra $1995, as well as install prior to pick up (unclear if this is included in the $1995 price quote). 

They only made a total of 2,798 of the fixed head coupes, with 1,959 of them in LHD fashion.  Recent auction sales push these over the $70k mark without much trouble, making this one a possible (big word there, possible) candidate to stay above water. 

Find this one listed here

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