As Land Cruiser prices soar, we recommend you consider looking at its little brother, the Toyota 4Runner on where to possibly put your money. Introduced in 1984 (really 84.5 as a mid-year intro), the first generation 4Runners are nearly mechanically identical to the Hilux (Toyota truck line marketed in the rest of the world).  In fact, the 4Runner was borne from the Toyota Trekker, the camper version of the Hilux and simply renamed “4Runner”.  All first gen 4Runners were two doors and rather indistinguishable from pickups from the dashboard forward. We’ll do a full feature later, but for now, here’s a few out there for sale we found.

1987 4Runner in Texas for $6900, find it here


1987 4Runner in Yakima for $3000, find it here


1988 4Runner in Oregon for $3000, find it here


1986 Toyota 4Runner in Denver  for $17,900, find it here

Pickings are very slim when it comes to high-quality first -gen 4Runners.  If you have one for sale or would like to auction, please contact us.

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