Jeep introduced the CJ-7 in 1976 as a longer wheel-based option from the CJ-5. There were several different special editions/equipment packages offered throughout the 7-series run…Renegade, Golden Eagle, Laredo, Limited and a low production volume Jamboree Commemorative Edition.

Over 379,000 were made so you can be picky when picking if needed.  However, the CJ-7 was the last run of the CJ’s (with the Scrambler) and arguably the last real Jeeps (insert emoticon of person hiding under a chair). I can say this without too much hesitation because I’ve personally experienced the CJ’s, the YJ’s and the TJ’s.  Yes the new ones have more options and creature comforts and off-road prowess out of the box…but nothing beats that long travel 3-speed and barren metal floor that gets so hot you could cook an egg on of a ’78 CJ-5.

We found this one listed for sale in West Chester, PA with a reported 84k miles.  In 1986, the odometer did have a 6th digit for the 100k roll-over numeral so it passes that sniff test.  It does appear mostly original, but we need some Jeep experts to help keep us honest here.  They did come equipped with factory tire swing carriers, but not step nerf bars. The 8-spoke wheels with proper black pin-striping appear to be original but could be aftermarket as noted by the absence of bolt holes for center caps (looking only at pictures).  It is also possible they would originally have been chrome.  Either way, they’re correct to the Jeep and look great in our opinion.

Seller does note a respray was done, the hood decals aren’t what you would see on an ’86 Renegade but appears to be very well redone. The battery cut off and Tuffy center console are add-ons, and there would have been a passenger side mirror possibly in chrome.  The rear bumper would most likely have had loop bumperettes when new.

Here are the notes from the seller…This one is beautifully restored, totally rust free, gorgeous Admiral Blue paint, new Best Top soft top in Charcoal Gray, excellent Charcoal Gray interior, smooth 258 cu in 4.2 liter 115 HP 6-cylinder engine, 5-speed manual transmission with overdrive, nerf bars, original 15X7 wheels powder coated, and new B.F. Goodrich T/A radials.

That’s all we have on this one…for more info, visit them in person or see the link here.

We would like to give a big shout out to the Jeep guys/gals over at the FaceBook ‘Jeep Flea Market‘ group…these are the types of experts we need and want as members of Second Daily.  To be able to pick out an aftermarket wheel at 50 feet is a skill all good websites need.

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