There’s a little known secret in the modern classic world that we feel you should know about.  It’s called the Aston Martin Vantage…and the prices of these things are ridiculously low given what you get from one.  

Hand built and introduced as a 2006 model, the Vantage comes in two engine flavors…a 4.3L/4.7L V8 and the monster 560hp 5.9L V12.  Best of all (if you’re of the uber wealthy type), the latest iteration of the V12 brought back the third pedal. 

For now though, we’re not interested in $200k+ price tags for cars rolling off the assembly line.  Today it’s about the value of a 10 year old AM V8.  These can be had with low mileage (under 40k) for around $50,000.  We found this ’07 with a stunningly unbelievable 3k miles in Virginia for only $48,000.  And yes, it has the proper gearbox.  

More to come on this British obsession, for now you can find it here

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